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Promises made, promises kept

Walnut Creek Journal — October 14, 2010


Cindy Silva is my No. 1 choice for Walnut Creek City Council.


Cindy is committed to this city. Through her leadership, the Library Foundation was able to solicit donations to make our wonderful library even better. All those special things that make the library great, like the beautiful fencing in the outdoor children's area, were paid for by generous donations not taxpayer dollars.


Her personal integrity is unquestionable. As the slogan says, "Promises Made, Promises Kept." Her financial credibility was clearly demonstrated during the last budget cycle. I was at the meetings where she asked the tough questions. She was actively looking out for the best interest of all of us, the taxpayers, citizens and employees, in a positive team approach.


I was most impressed, however, by her compassion for us as a community. When it came to deciding whether to cut a summer camp specifically for children with special needs, Cindy asked the tough questions, listened to community input and is working toward a way to keep the program that will work for all of us. I encourage you to vote for Cindy Silva for Walnut Creek City Council.


Sandra Jacobsen

Walnut Creek















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